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Is Fall & Winter a Good Time to Sell????

   Many sellers believe that spring is the best time to market their home. For some buyers this may be the case but fall and winter can bring anxious buyers for different reasons. Spring may be a good time to market your home but Fall and Winter can be good for some buyers. One huge factor for a Fall or Winter buyer is children. Parents of young children may believe they should move to a better school district. By looking in the fall, they have time to shop around for the right home and can close by spring. In the spring they can do whatever is needed in their new home and be able to enjoy the summer knowing the school issue is settled. Then you have parents with children moving to junior high, high school and even college. These buyers have the similar needs.

Moving for young children may seem obvious but as they get older, other factors come into play. The friends our children make. Sports and hobbies as well and not to mention what the children want themselves.  Some grammar schools go for 8 years others less. With an 8 year school close to home, the owners have time to consider their next move. If the school is only for say 5 years, the decisions can be a bit more pressing. In fact it could force 2 moves! In most large cities, finding a good school involves moving to be in the right District. Finding a middle school or a high school may mean moving twice or even involve moving to another city or state. All these factors mean finding a new place over the winter and a spring or early summer move. These buyers are out there looking as soon as their children are set in the last year at their current school. Since the average closing takes 3 to 4 months and buyers wanting to decorate to their taste, the best time to look is fall and winter. Now what season are we in????